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Aidbs Operations

Business strategies by Aidbs

The Business Strategies which boosts your profits day by day, perfect bonding to employees & Stable Business.

  • Business On Paper
  • Team work Environment.
  • Focusing on updated Technology.
  • Daily Growth percentage.
  • Future Planing.
Aidbs Business

Business on paper

We draw dream images of Business Planing on white paper which gives us confidence to make our dream successful. We regular maintain the SRS of Business Future Planing, we define and refine the all Business related drawback & pitfall on our future Business Planing.

Business for growth

The best way to runs your website and applications privately is on Virtual Private Server, Aidbs build strong VPS with KVM, XEN, VMWare which gives the stability and full resources and the VPS Cloud are powered by the OpenStack infrastructure, it have 500-Mbps granted bandwidth with 99.9% of downtime services, rebuild and reinstall, install choice of your OS templates like- CentOS, RedHat, Windows Server 2003/2012, prebuild LAMP template, Email instances, Proxy instances and much more to do here.

Aidbs B_Operations
Aidbs Outsourcing

Business for future stability

Aidbs serves the Enterprise levels of servers for small and medium level of business services, It is easy to configure and manage and make available in 120 seconds. You may access your Enterprise servers by your Aidbs account web control panel and by using IPMI access.

Business Operations Process

Business growth, Strategies, Planing, Implimentation